Agent Referral Network Program


Step One:

A Homeowner seeking a loan modification is referred to RESCUE by a Certified Real Estate Professional utilizing the RESCUE technology portal. With the permission of the homeowner, the file is tagged with the Real Estate Professional’s name which will enable certified counselor and the homeowner to have an additional advocate help in obtaining needed documentation.

Step Two:

The documentation is then forwarded through the portal to certified counselor. Certified counselor then processes the loan modification at “NO COST” to the homeowner and sends the loan modification documents onto the homeowners servicing company for approval or denial.

Step Three:

In the event the modification is approved, the homeowner is overjoyed, the Certified Real Estate Professional will most likely have a client for life and will probably receive a multitude of referrals for helping the homeowner obtain a loan modification.

Step Four:

In the event the modification is denied, the homeowner will then be contacted by RESCUE or certified counselor to help explain alternative options to foreclosure, such as short sale, cash for keys, deed in lieu and possibly foreclosure.

Step Five:

In the event it is in the best interest and at the homeowner direction, a RESCUE or certified counselor will notify  the Certified Real Estate Professional  to secure a short sale listing and sell the property.



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